What is MEGA Sports Camp?

It’s a Vacation Bible School Alternative! MEGA Sports Camp helps kids improve their skills. All sorts of drills and practice games will get kids focused on the fundamentals that make athletes great. Plus, MEGA Sports Camp creates a positive and encouraging environment that pumps up their confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly, kids
will discover God’s great love for them.     CLICK HERE to watch intro video.

When is MEGA Sports Camp?

Sunday, June 26th – Thursday, June 30th during the evening. Stay tune for more details!

Who can participate?

Students K thru 6th grade.

Where will MEGA Sports Camp be held?

At the Attica Village Park. What a great location to connect with our community!

How can I register my kids for MEGA Sports Camp?

Stay tune as there will be an online registration process.
When registration opens you will know as it will be the talk of the community!

Does MEGA Sports Camp need Volunteers?

ABSOLUTELY! MEGA Sports Camp can’t happen without volunteers! The best part is you don’t need to know a thing about sports! See the list of volunteers needed. Please contact Dan Dolph for more information.
Dan’s Cell # 585-297-8957.

Volunteers meeting May 15th after the morning service in the fellowship hall.


2021 Mega Sports Camp Pics