Lead Pastor Michael J. Paris


A child of God, Husband of Sue, Father, Grandfather, Pastor and friend.  Pastor Mike longs to lead men and women to live like they are God’s most treasured possession and grow in their faith all for the Glory of Him who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.


Hey Church –

Hey Church,

I want to say thanks for three great weekends of ministry!

Three Saturdays ago, we had a crew of 20+ people come and help us remove the leftover junk from the attic and barn at 99 East Ave. We moved 1000+ lbs of books, garbage, furniture, bricks and debris out and all without major incident! East Ave was lined with cars and trucks and the house was filled with hard work, laughter, sweat, and dust. And then we ate together! This is EXACTLY what we hoped this house would be. 

Two Fridays ago, we had another crew of 20+ people come and help us empty our treasures from the house and barn at 38 Genesee St. We filled 99 East Ave back up with the Parisite hoard! Multiple carloads and truckloads and more hard work, laughter, sweat and dust. But we were able to get 97% of it emptied. Including 100% of the Morton building (which we thought would take us another two weeks of trips to do!) And we ate together! This was another amazing Herculean feat accomplished by our church family as an expression of love to us. Thank you! 

Two Saturdays ago, we had a chance to partner with Wyoming County Correctional Facility to pull off another great event – a Family Easter Egg Hunt. Over 130 kids and their parents showed up in 3 waves to grab plastic eggs and prizes in a flurry of activity that lasted less than 30 minutes. But they stood around and visited with each other. And they ate together! Thanks to those who volunteered at the refreshment stand. I appreciated Cory inviting me to greet each group before each round. I was able to say… 

  1. We are excited about ministry to CO’s and other corrections workers, 
  2. We know that this was a hard year and hoped that this event was an encouragement to them and provided warm thank-you for their service, 
  3. We applauded their spending time with their families on this holiday weekend.

Two Sundays ago, we had a group of 13 singers/musicians lead us in a participatory worship service to celebrate Resurrection Day. It involved a mosaic of ages, genders, musical styles and instruments. After 90 minutes of praise and worship we were spiritually full! And then we ate together! (Thanks to the Church Growth & Outreach Ministry Team’s organization and work.) One person commented to me sincerely, “That was the best Easter service I have ever been to!” Win!

Then, this past Sunday, we had a group of 52 disciples gather before the worship service and partner together in small groups to change and grow in their understanding and expression of faith. As we build gatherings back into our church life fabric, we thank the facilitators/disciplemakers for their good work. With a little creativity and flexibility, we made places for everyone to meet safely. Oh the goodness of the instruction and application of the Word in the context of caring relationships! Did anyone bring snacks so that the small groups could eat together? 😉

Do you hear the good pattern? People of faith gathering together to serve, learn, grow, and change in loving communities of laughter, acceptance, unity, and transparency. And we ate together. This pattern is of course the pattern of the early local church in Acts. But, in my humble opinion, the greatest win of these past three weeks is that Atticans couldn’t miss it! We were visible and vibrant, spilling into our streets and front lawns so that the love of Christ was seen and felt. And it was very good.
So, thanks for your ministry to me, my family, my brothers and sisters in Christ, my neighbors and my community. This is the gospel on display. It is Christ-centered, Spirit-controlled, community-connected work that is worth the energy and effort that you gave it. Thanks for doing life together with us!
Blessings, Pastor Mike → pastormike33@yahoo.com, 607.220.9911, 99 East Ave, Attica NY 14011