Lead Pastor Michael J. Paris


A child of God, Husband of Sue, Father, Grandfather, Pastor and friend.  Pastor Mike longs to lead men and women to live like they are God’s most treasured possession and grow in their faith all for the Glory of Him who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.


Hey Church –

As we cruise through January, have you thought about your resolutions for the year? The concept of resolving to be a  “better you” and making a fresh start is a good pattern. Evaluating our lives and fixing the bad habits more often than  once a year is an admirable pursuit. Scripture says that iscipleship is a daily commitment. Jesus said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me.” (Lk 9:23  NLT) 

Jesus was certainly not opposed to verbal commitments. Although, He did have something to say about empty  promises. He called out those who were trying to live by a code of rules without a heart of worship behind it. “These  people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made  ideas as commands from God.” (Mt. 15:8-9, NLT)  

But that shouldn’t discourage us from making commitments before God. The vows that we make ought not to be  flowery words with no content and no intention to keep them. Everything that we commit to ought to be honoring to  God and in keeping with His will. We serve God in these honest commitments. 

So, what about your commitment to FBC@A? Membership is a committed partnership to the Body of Christ in a local  area or region. The commitment of membership is a commitment to follow the directives given all disciples through  Scripture. The core values and practices in membership commitments ought to be Biblical not controlling. Could you  say “yes” to these following commitments? 

As a member of First Baptist Church @ Attica (FBC@A), I will, by God’s grace and strength, endeavor to fulfill the  following expectations under the control of the Spirit: 

  1. I will engage in corporate worship of the one true God with other FBC@A members as often as I am physically able. The goal of my regular weekly worship is glorifying God not enjoying myself.
  2. I will participate in regular small groups and classes at FBC@A. I will not allow these gatherings to replace my own regular personal quiet times. I understand the purpose of these small groups and classes is not transferring information but is building community with other believers. I want to grow spiritually, and I want  others to hold me accountable to God’s Word. 
  3. I will serve Christ through the mission work of FBC@A. I will use my gifts to the benefit of others around me. I will support the church’s mission, both physically and financially, as I am able. I desire to see the gospel spread from the local neighborhood to the ends of the earth. 
  4. I will give cheerfully to God in recognition of His ownership of all things. Giving a portion of what He has given to me as a steward honors Him as my Master. Giving also allows me to partner in meeting needs of those around us. 
  5. I will seek to build unity and pursue peace with other church members. I recognize God’s design for the church is unity in diversity, and I will put the interests of others above my personal preferences. I will do this to guard the reputation of Christ in our community. I will submit to caring confrontation and godly discipline for any  sins in my life that threaten this unity. 
  6. I will pray regularly in both private and group settings. I will pray for and submit to the leadership of FBC@A since they are caring for my soul and must answer to God for this responsibility. I will pray for people to accept Christ, and to grow in their faith. 
  7. I will proclaim the good news in both word and connected deeds. I will preach the gospel to myself often. I will take on the servant attitude of Christ, so that through my selflessness, the gospel may be heard and received.


I hope that you can agree to all of that! Whether a new member or “life member”, will you make it your pattern to  review these things regularly? Let’s work together to make 2021 a year of spiritual growth and progress, both  personally and corporately. Would you like to take that commitment to the next level and make it “official”? I would  love to sit down with you and discuss formal membership at FBC@A. Give me a call, an email or a text! 


Pastor Mike pastormike33@yahoo.com, 607.220.9911, 38 Genesee St, Attica NY 14011