Sermon Notes

Are You Running from God?

JONAH 1:1-17; PS 139:7-12;



The Fugitive

✪  You cannot avoid, ignore or outrun ___________ forever.

1:1-3    Jonah refused to be sent to preach the message of repentance to the _______________.

    • God saw the Ninevites’ ___________. (v2)
  • God, in His mercy, appointed a messenger of _________________. (v2)
  • God saw Jonah’s _________. (v3)

1:4-6    Jonah’s disobedience caused great danger for the ______________

  • God, in His mercy, sent a great ___________storm. (v4)
  • ____________ was oblivious to the danger. (v5)
  • The captain was _____________ for divine intervention. (v6)

1:7-10    The mariners confronted Jonah on his __________ against Jehovah.

  • Jonah was found to be the _________ of the storm. (v7)
  • Jonah was still unwilling to _______________. (v9)

1:11-16    The mariners reluctantly ____________ Jonah overboard into the sea.

  • Jonah proposed a ____________ response. (v12)
  • The mariners employed ____________. (v14)
  • The mariners ____________ the great God greatly. (v16)


  • God has not overlooked your __________, nor will He allow it to continue forever.
  • God, in his mercy, sends messengers to preach the message of ________________ to you.
  • Refusing to follow God’s _____________ is dangerous.
  • You cannot ____________ the presence of God or defy His will.