Sermon Notes

ReGIFTing Christmas Hope

JER 33:14-16; PS 25:1-10; 1THS 3:9-13; LK 21:25-36



The best kind of gifting and regifting


✪  Hope is the perfect gift for those who are ______________ or afraid.

CRADLE: (JER33:14-16)

  1. HOPE is something to be considered, pondered, wondered at __________ than once a year. 
  2. HOPE is about something still __________ of us. 
  3. HOPE is about something good that God has _____________ to do. 
  4. HOPE has a ____________ time and place. It cannot be nebulous, wishful, or figurative.
  5. HOPE is something that only God __________ happen. 
  6. HOPE watches for the ______________ of salvation and security.
  7. Jesus brought renewed HOPE to those under __________. 


  • We no longer must be ____________ of sin or death.
  • We celebrate one who has ______________ us eternal life.
  • We have been given ____________ salvation and security.

CROWN: (1THS 3:9-13)

  • Encourage one another with the _____________ of God.
  • Invest face time with others in refreshing, restorative ______________ and discipleship.
  • ___________ for God’s direction to be revealed in their lives.
  • Live out a strong ________________ of genuine holiness, being blameless before God and man.
  • Express your confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ __________.