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Sunday, February 28, 2021

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Hey Church –
     Thanks for working with us on the “holiday vacation” for Sunday services. These past two weeks have
averaged attendance of less than 20. But that has allowed for me to preach to a “live studio audience”.
While fully masked congregations are very hard to “read”, I have enjoyed having properly distanced and
protected supporters.
     Thanks also for the many folks who stayed home! That decision was hard for those who like to be
together with the family. But your sacrifice for the sake of those who don’t have technology or can’t
bear staying isolated for one more day was super helpful for them to worship here safely.
We would like to reopen in-person services this weekend (1/10/21) with these reminders and
           1. We will have a single corporate worship service at 10:00a at FBC@A. We will use the
     auditorium and the overflow room. We will continue to offer an online service, using Facebook
     live on the church’s FB page and YouTube Live on our church’s YouTube page. We will NOT have
     worship music this week, jr. church, nursery or a video livefeed to the fellowship hall.
           2. Please wear a mask for the protection of and courtesy of others as you move about in the
     building. Our facility does not allow for the maintaining of physical distancing because of the
     tightness of the aisles. One pew is to be left vacant in between congregants such that 6 feet of
     distance can be maintained in all directions. We are strongly suggesting that you wear your
     mask during the entire service.
          3. We will not be singing this week. We encourage you to use worship music at home and in the
     car as you come and leave the service this weekend. Try Spotify or Pandora or FLN’s streaming
     music channels.
          4. Hand sanitizer will be located near the doors. Please make use of it as you enter and as you exit
     the building. Feel free to bring your own 60% (or higher) alcohol-based sanitizer in personal
     sized bottles.
          5. We will not be passing offering plates, bulletins, or communion. An offering plate is available at
     each of the doors. We continue to offer online giving through our website.
          6. As always, please refrain from coming to the in-person service if you are not feeling well or
     have experienced a fever of 100 degrees or higher in the last 14 days. Please self-quarantine at
     home if you have knowingly been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in
     the last 14 days. Please consider staying separated in you are in higher health risk category. (eg.
     older adults and individuals with underlying medical conditions (asthma, HIV, diabetes, obesity,
     cardiovascular disease and/or cancer))
     I want you to know that I love you. The number of infections in Wyoming County continue to be higher
than the first wave of the illness in the spring. We are working hard to protect you from getting sick. We
are attempting to minister to people without becoming a spreader cell. We are trying to communicate
our affection for our neighbors by taking extra precautions. Thanks for your understanding and help!
Pastor Mike @ pastormike33@yahoo.com, 607.220.9911, 38 Genesee St, Attica NY 14011